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How to use this website

Safety Guide for Me and My Family Seoul Safety Nuri website

안전누리 메인 설명

From disaster/accident newsflash to shelter locations and action tips!! A one-stop source of information!!

Key services

  • 실시간속보
    Real-time newsflash

    Real-time information services for news of disasters/accidents

  • 상황별 행동요령
    Action tips by situation

    Action tips according to situations and locations

  • 맞춤장소
    Customized location

    Information on nearby shelters and hospitals based on location

  • 유용한 생활날씨
    Useful weather information

    Weather information based on location

Real-time newsflash

Providing real-time information in the event of disasters/accidents!

속보뉴스 설명
  • Disaster newsflash
    • 대설Heavy snow
    • 한파Cold wave
    • 지진Earthquake
    • 호우Heavy rain
    • 미세먼지Fine dust
    • 황사Yellow dust
    • 폭염Heat wave
    • 감염병Infectious disease
    • 홍수Flood
    • 산사태Landslide
    • 태풍Typhoon
    • 강풍High winds
  • Accident newsflash
    • 지하철Subway accident
    • 화재Fire accident
    • 도로돌발Road conditions
    • 붕괴Structural failure
    • 기타Misc.
  • Urgent news
    • 전쟁War

You can check the time sequence (time line) for disaster and accident information and check the disaster and accident details.

Action tips by situation

Action tips to protect you in moments of crisis!

Learn of the actions tips in advance to swiftly respond in moments of crisis.

상황별 행동요령 설명

See how to act in different situations in the main menu

Customized interfaces

The user interface is customized for various devices.

맞춤형 환경제공 설명